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What is Creative Arts Therapy?

You know when you just don't have the words to describe something? When that awful experience that you keep seeing over again seems to get stuck in your throat? Or when it seems we're just talking in circles and nothing gets solved? Because trauma is stored in non-verbal regions of the brain, creative arts therapy offers a non-threatening way to make sense of tough things in life by supplementing traditional verbal therapy with intentional use of creativity. It can be used with anyone, of any age.

What is Play Therapy?

Kids make sense of the world through play so when something has happened in their lives, play therapy offers an alternative to talking about it. Play IS a child's language. Play therapy is a way for children and adolescents to process painful feelings and experiences in a non-threatening, safe environment. The goal is to resolve issues in the child's life and provide a conducive envrionrment for developmental, emotional and behavioural growth. Sometimes parents can be involved in play therapy, depending on the needs of the child. 

How long will therapy take?

We've all heard the idiom, the first step is admitting you need help. So, how long therapy takes is in part determind by you: how willing are you to work through what has brought you here? Though there is no "one size fits all" treatment, some clients see benefits within only a few sessions. No matter what, you'll need to be patient with the process - as hard as that is. 

Where are you located?

My practice is located in White Rock at #202 - 1548 Johnston Rd in White Rock; there I see clients from the Surrey and Langley area. I see clients living in Burnaby at Burnaby Counselling Group (

What are your fees and will my insurance cover therapy?

My fee is $115+GST per hour for individual sessions and $125+GST per hour for couple and family sessions. Because each insurance plan is different, check with your insurance provider to determine your coverage. Extended Health Benefits or Employee Assistance Plans may cover full or partial therapy costs. 

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, because time is precious, you must give 24 hours notice to cancel or postpone a therapy session or you will be charged for the time booked. 

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